I’m the ceo of Sewell Development Corp., a company who designs and sells products. Our primary brands are Sewell (audio/video, connectivity), MOS (cell phone accessories) and Saffron (LED lighting).

We also have a line of toddler shoes (ikiki) which we designed to be our kids’ favorite shoes a few years ago. Since then 30K other kids have joined the ikiki family — nobody is more surprised than we are.

Sewell is the only real job I’ve had (I started as a part-timer when I was in college), although a few years ago I did some consulting for Mozy and a few other companies.

I’ve been managing the day-to-day operations of Sewell for the past 10+ years and during the time I’ve had to learn a lot about scaling a business, hiring, branding, marketing, distribution, logistics, product design, data analysis and more. I really need Sewell to do well since I’m not good enough at any of these things to ever be employable as a specialist. 🙂