drift light

the drift light has a special place in my heart because i originally made it for my 3-year-old daughter who wanted to “read” in bed. (grace, i’m pretty sure you were just looking at pictures, but that’s ok, you were only 3)
i realized that putting grace to bed in the summer was really easy because she would look at her books while the sun gently faded and she fell asleep.
so i worked with an engineer to mimic this with a lightbulb. the best part is that it doesn’t require a smartphone or special switch. to activate it you just flip the lightswitch on twice and it blinks to let you know it’s activated and then starts it’s slow descent to darkness.
actually, i had a miscommunication with the engineer for the prototype and while he had it dim, he never made it turn completely off. i was going to ask him to fix this, but my daughter loved that it turned into a nightlight. instead of removing it we decided to make 3 clicks activate “moonlight mode” – it gently fades down until it’s a nightlight for the rest of the night. this is actually the most popular mode in the drift light.

serendipity 🙂