ikiki shoes

i think good product design is being honest. honest with your customers, with your team and, most importantly, with yourself.
if i tell you how awesome these shoes are, though, you won’t believe me. so instead of me giving you a laundry list of what i love about these shoes, go read what real customers say.
originally we made these for my own kids when my oldest son started walking and i thought all of the toddler shoes available were too hard to put on.
they weren’t that awesome at first, though. actually, they initially had a 3.5 out of 5 star rating, which is below average. the reason they are so awesome today is because we decided we were going to listen to all of the feedback we got from people willing to take a risk on our product and improve the product with each generation.
along the way were a lot of awesome surprises – physicians started recommending them for kids who walk on their toes because of the squeaker. parents of kids with afo or smo braces on their legs started recommending us in forums.

several celebrities have been seen carrying their kids around in public wearing them (including bradley cooper, gwen stefani, alec baldwin, jeff goldblum and more). as a product designer it doesn’t get much better than that – not because they’re famous, but because these kids can have any shoe in the world and they choose ours.
but if you rewind a few years ago the shoes weren’t doing very well and almost got chopped. i mean, we are an electronics company, not a shoe manufacturer. at one point i relented and decided i should probably give up the fantasy of creating a shoe line when the parent of a little girl with autism told me that the shoes lit her daughter’s face up every time she wore them.

it warmed my heart to hear and gave me that little bit of encouragement i needed to keep building up the shoe brand. since then over 70K kids have found their favorite shoes. so next time you think your product review won’t matter to the product team on the other side of the interwebs, remember, it can really make a big difference.