mos blackpack

when i couldn’t find a backpack i loved i went to our engineers and we decided to build one that would be convenient for traveling with without the expense and extra weight usually associated with battery-bags. the first step was dropping the battery. 🙂
we dropped the battery, but not the power cord. inside of this thing is a type-c + 3-port usb charger so I can plug my macbook, ipad and iphone in to the bag. the cord coming out of this plugs into a wall and charges everything at once. this is really nice when traveling since virtually every international flight has an ac port you can plug in to.
i also really like the internal water bottle pocket with optional fly-out. basically it keeps your bag slim even when you’re carrying a water bottle, but if the bag is too full you can always flip it out and carry it on the outside. it’s like having your cake and drinking it too.
the astute reader will notice that it has an expansion pocket, like high-end luggage, ensuring that you can always fit stuff in a pinch, but keeping everything nice and slim when you don’t need to carry the kitchen sink. the contoured eva foam against your back ensures breathability (no sweaty back), comfort and of course, it looks cool.