prince kairu ikiki sandal

prince kairu is part of my favorite brand i’ve created, ikiki. the sandal was our first experiment with doing a shoe other than our classic first-walker shoe. you see that little disc on the bottom of the shoe? it turns the squeaker inside on and off. i worked with an engineer, JS Yu, and an awesome designer, Cameron Postelwait, to come up with and patent a squeaker that can be turned off.
i really like the pu lining of the sandal. i was worried it would get slippery when it got wet, but with performance testing we found it actually works well in water.
we use the same soles we use on the shoes – flexible, but offering enough support for brand new walkers.
ridiculously cute. but not without problems. i learned from the first production run of this sandal why you should generally use a different last for sandals vs. shoes. they ended up running way too big.
ikiki customers are the best, though. we explained the issue, offered free exchanges (which we always do, we just reminded them about it) and gave them a discount for the trouble. they were really cool about it and helped keep this product alive. we will be launching more sandals soon when we launch our new squeaker which is impervious to sand and water. (the current squeaker’s reed can become warped if submerged in water – obviously a concern for a sandal)